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Vehicle Wrapping

“So what are the benefits of vehicle wrapping?”

Well, where do we start?… Not only is there well over 500 colours to choose from, some of these being colour shifts, chromes & extreme textures, from alligator skin to brushed steel! Thus meaning you really can make your pride & joy unique & really stand out from the crowd. A wrap is a fraction of what it would cost for a complete respray, as well as quicker turn around, but the wrap also protects the original paint work from minor abrasions & stone chips, making it ideal for lease vehicles &… well… we could go on & on!

Paint Protection Film

“So what are the benefits of paint protection film?”

Well, there’s nothing worse than driving down a lovely country road when you’ve to squeeze past another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, forcing you into the pesky bushes that stick out leaving them nasty graze marks & lines in your paint work!… But not if it was protected with BodyFence! This revolutionary film takes on all minor road abrasions, scuffs & stone chips, & with its ability to self-heal, you can keep your car looking like it’s just rolled out of the showroom, all the time!

Vehicle Graphics

“So what are the benefits of vehicle graphics?”

Well, with company branding & image being very important for your business, having your stunning logo on your van(s) or vehicles(s) is what sets you apart & gets you & your company recognised, because remember, whilst your vehicle is on the roads, its advertising for you & your business, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week! Whether it’s up down the motorway, or parked in a supermarket car park whilst you’re doing your shopping, so make em’ count!

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