Paint Protection Film
Pre-cut templating sofware.

Imagine driving your brand-new shiny Porsche home with a big grin on your face, then BAM! You get a stone chip right in the middle of your bonnet!… Well, this is exactly what our Paint Protection Services will eliminate.

We are accredited installers of many PPF brands, so we really can fulfil your needs! We have a specialist subscription to the world’s most accurate & extensive PPF patterns. This, therefore, ensures we can get the film, almost invisible once fitted to the vehicle, this also means they’ll be no blades going near your paintwork (phew!).

Working out of our purpose-built, state-of-the-art PPF bay, ensures we are laying the films to the highest of standards. Paint Protection Film helps against stone chips, minor scuffs, abrasions, pesky country lane bushes, birds muck, tree sap, & the list goes on!

Our films have an incredible hydrophobic coating, along with a 12-year life span! We promise you will get your money’s worth!

We offer two standard services:

The first is a complete front end – front bumper, wings, headlights, bonnet and mirror covers.

The second is the full car- which is the full car (who would have guessed!). We do offer more extensive and bespoke packages, which include plastic trims, and insides of door sills, and these can be quoted additionally should you wish.

FC8600 series is premiere cutting plotter providing higher productivity and greater ease of use.
An example of the pre-cut templates we use.

What does PPF look like after it's applied?

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Paint Protection

Up to 12 Years Durability

Self Healing & Self Cleaning

Pre-cut Templates


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