Colour Change
Northern Europe's Certified Trainer.
Specialist Installer Level 2.
Northern Europe's Certified Trainer.
Specialist Installer Level 2.

There are many reasons you may want to change the colour of your car. Nobody wants to be parked at the side of the same car, in the same colour, at the traffic lights, do they? Personalise your pride & joy with a custom colour, choosing from hundreds of shades, finishes and patterns to make your car truly unique. Not only does wrapping your car offer aesthetic benefits, but it also protects your vehicle’s paintwork from chips, abrasions and wear and tear. An exterior wrap can quickly be removed, reverting to the original colour ready for resale.

We can typically complete an exterior wrap in around five working days. Our highly trained and accredited installers are sure to give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is in the safest hands.

All of our wraps come with both manufacturer’s and fitters’ warranties.

One of our fully qualified senior MET Technicians dismantles a vehicle’s parts, ensuring that warranties are not affected. All work is carried out within our state-of-the-art, gated facilities. Remote CCTV access and full insurance guarantee that we keep your car safe and sound.

Example of a door shuts wrap.

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Colour Change

Up to 10 Years Durability

Over 1000 Colours!

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