Vehicle Tints
Pre-cut templating sofware.

There are many benefits to window tints. Not only does it make your pride & joy more aesthetically pleasing, but it also blocks 99.999% of UV, eliminating fading to interior trims & cloth. It also stops skin damage, especially if you have the little ones in the back on long, sunny road trips.

It keeps the inside of your vehicle at a cooler temperature and adds a greater sense of privacy. Our window tinting film comes with a lifetime limited warranty. The window tint film is cut using our specialist pattern software, which ensures a neat finish to the edge of the glass and prevents blades from cutting the glass of the vehicle.

Here at Wrapped UK, we work closely with several vehicle dealerships and offer our window tinting services to brand-new vehicles. Our window tinting service is completed in one working day, keeping downtime to a minimum.

If you want to add tints to your windows, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Example of Window Tint cut pattern

Not sure what the different %'s look like?

See the example images below!

35% Tint

35% Tints on a Mini Electric.

18% Tint

18% tints on a Mini Cooper 5 Door.

5% Tint

5% tints on a Mini Countryman.

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